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Professional Hair Regrowth Laser Comb

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Need an affordable hair loss treatment? Then get this amazing Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb. Successfully tried and tested technology with great results in professional clinics that treat hair loss.

  • Effectively Kills Bacteria and Reduces Dandruff by Stimulating the Blood Cells.
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation and Regrows Your Hair 2-3 Times Faster.
  • Stop Hair Loss and Makes Hair Grow Thicker, Stronger & Healthier.

Laser Combs For Thinning Hair

For HIM & For HER 

Hair laser combs are a drug-free alternative for hair loss treatment. They are a non-invasive, non-chemical approach to growing thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Lasers have been used to treat hair growth for more than 18 years, but laser combs are the first practical devices you can use at home.

How To Grow Hair Faster
How To Grow Hair Faster

*Disclaimer: Specific results may vary from individual to individual.

  • GROW THICKER, FULLER, & HEALTHIER HAIR: Comb massager kills bacteria and stimulates points on the scalp that helps to expand capillary vessel and speed up blood circulation. Also, it rejuvenates the skin and hair cells which reduces dandruff by stimulating the blood cells.
  • AMAZING RESULTS: Most users report seeing results in two to four months of daily consistent use. For best results, use ten to fifteen minutes every other day. Results may be observed in as little as two weeks. Suitable for both men and women from 18 to 80.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HANDHELD CORDLESS COMB: This affordable comb is cordless and can be taken easily anywhere you want. Now take a good care of your hair while traveling outside.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  It has stimulating vibration technology which is FDA cleared and helps to stimulate blood circulation. Will help to regrow your hair 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed which has been proven clinically by many dermatologists. It makes hair smooth and healthy.
Hair Growth Treatment Solution



  • Ultra-performing laser light technology for hair regeneration
    • Improves blood circulation, prevents hair loss and helps the hair grow stronger, thicker and healthier
    • Creates and maintains a healthy environment for hair growth
    • Easy to setup, easy to use and painless


    • 1 x Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Comb
    • 1 x User Manual
    Best Hair Loss Treatment

    Package Includes

    • Professional Hair Regrowth Laser Comb

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    This laser comb has regrown all my hair to former thickness and beauty. I was seeing new hair growth in the first 6 weeks and it just kept coming! I used this product with Rogaine, (but I had been using rogaine with out the results that this provided. My hair NO LONGER has fallen out. I recommend this to everyone. My daughter used this too and got the same results as I did, without the rogaine. Great product. Will use this forever!


    I received this two weeks back. I have been using it thrice weekly. I have had severe hairloss and I'm only 23 year old. This has reduced my hair fall significantly.


    Received it today. Chose Standard Shipping and got it in 6 days. Customer service was helpful in answering questions!


    I was told by dermatologist that I had Alopecia areata and my hair wouldn't grow back especially on top. I researched and found this comb. I am using Nioxin shampoo/conditioner plus a prescription clobetasol foam. I am extremely happy with results so far and hopefully end of 2022 my hair is back to normal plus some!


    All good, wonderful comb! Thank You!!