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Micro HD Video Camera with Audio

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With our new, easy-to-use and innovative Micro HD video camera, you finally have a second pair of eyes and the ability to feel confident. The sleek design allows you to confirm any of your suspicions at home or at work. Protect your loved ones from potential harm and stay one step ahead of them. Our camera is easy to use on the go, making it the best option for everyday use.


Stay A Step Ahead

Say goodbye to paranoia, with the help of Micro HD video camera your worries will melt away. Thanks to its compactness, you can effortlessly monitor everything from naughty animals to potential burglaries. You will be able to do everything without being detected.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, it is also equipped with motion detection. So you can be sure that the crucial moments will be captured.

The camera also uses motion detection to save memory, battery, and space. In addition, you can overwrite old recordings so you never have to buy more storage space.

Capture HD Video In Day & Night

Our self-contained camera can switch its night vision to adapt to the changing environment. With automatic night vision, motion detection and video loop, our camera can solve all the problems of existing cameras.

We pride ourselves on being truly user-friendly. Especially compared to our competitors' cameras, which can take hours to set up.

The sleek design and self-sufficient capabilities make our camera the most effective option for home security and even for use as a body cam.

Additional Memory GB card :

Our camera is equipped with a memory card but this may be insufficient because its memory is limited. To resolve that problem we propose an additional memory GB card with a good price.

You can choose the number of GB that suits you according to the need.

This memory cards are removable and reusable. So, after you've recorded with the camera, you can remove the memory card from your camera, insert it into a card slot on your laptop, desktop, or other device and transfer them to the computer's storage.

Package Includes

  • Micro HD Video Camera with Audio

Shipped with Care and guarantee

All orders are carefully examined and packaged by our Quality Assessment Team prior to leaving our warehouse. This way, we ensure supreme quality for all of our loyal customers. 

We have 24/7 email support.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

This thing is absolutely mind-blowing, for the price it is way too good. Ive bought expensive security cameras and this thing blows all of the others out of the water. Im able to spy on my dogs from work now, yet they still somehow get into my peanut butter.


This camera is small, compact, with great picture quality. Very satisfied!!


I am a big car lover and have 4 very expensive in my garage. I always want to have an eye over them so this camera is perfect for me. Very small and the quality of the video is perfect.


Ordered 5 cameras already so I could monitor what was going on in every room in my house. I have a little girl of 5 and a teenager of 15 and it's handy to be able to watch them even when I'm not home.


I purchased this product to be able to check in on my dogs while I was away. The picture quality on this product was way better than I ever expected. It is very covert therefore no one will be able to detect that there is a camera inside this USB charger.