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The Secret Tool for Learning to spin like a Pro

Accurate posture and angle are crucial in executing a proper golf swing. Many golf players especially beginners and average players find themselves struggling to maintain standing posture all throughout the swing sequence. If you are looking for a golf training aid that will help you make accurate swing posture and motion, then Golfi-Plus is for you.

Golfi-Plus is a lightweight training aid designed to correct your lead arm positioning and secure it against your arm to get into the right posture. It effectively improves your swing movements at the right angle and maintains posture during release.

Why use Golfi-Plus+?

Swing Pro Plus+ is a great device for golf players of all levels. Using this trainer aid helps the player adjust into a more comfortable and correct positioning pre-swing to improve accuracy and distance. It helps you set your lead arm to the right angle and maintain your posture during swing movements.

Just a few repetitions a day can lead to lasting change

See Results in 15 mins !!

This training aid addresses some of the most common swing movement mistakes golfers commit. This includes:

  • Loss of posture
  • Poor swing angle
  • Poor tempo and timing
  • No acceleration
  • Incorrect Upper body rotation
  • Lack of a Full Shoulder Turn
  • Swinging Over the Top

Golfi-Plus+ is an effective training aid that helps reduce the chances of making these mistakes. 

What are the benefits of Golfi-Plus+?


Improve your game and greater your potential as a golfer by practicing a correct posture, increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Golfi-Plus Trainer is an easy to use and straightforward training device. The wide Y design and curved tube help stretch your arms and shoulders as you practice your swing posture.


Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Stabilize your body rotation by keeping your shoulders and hips stay in line during the sequence. Good golf swing rotation is a crucial element to your strike, power, distance, and control. Our motion trainer keeps your body in sync by preventing your spine from swaying away and maintaining its angle while keeping the center of your shoulder and center of your hips closely aligned. 

Achieve Proper Shoulder Turn

Learn the proper shoulder rotation and have better control of your club and plane path. Perform swing sequence without losing your shoulder rotation. Swing Pro Plus+ instills muscle memory on how to make a full turn of the shoulders in the backswing. Learn to set your arms and shoulder into the right swing position to achieve sufficient shoulder turn during the swing sequence. This not only eliminates your tendencies to slice but also reduces the risk of getting injured. 

Maintain good swing posture

Maintain good posture pre-swing until release. Stop yourself from standing up and losing your bend. Swing Pro Plus+ helps you achieve accurate swing posture and maintain it throughout the release and follow-through. Stabilize your stance and posture by restricting your rotation while maintaining a good spine angle. Practice and warm-up using this training device and instill muscle memory on the correcting bend and angle during swing sequence. 

Achieve Accurate Angle And Distance 

Achieve a good swing plane without breaking your angle. This swing motion trainer allows you to create a solid and stable foundation for your swing rotation. It trains your body to have that proper tilt and spine angle so you can have better control and release your swing more powerfully. 


Produce Consistent Golf Shots

Improve your tempo and timing by getting into the right body movement. Swing Pro Plus+ teaches you to perform fluid golf swing as you execute your swing sequence. The restriction on your lead arm and body angle allows you to release your swing in the right tempo of 3:1 - which means your backswing takes 3 seconds and your downswing in one second. 

Have A More Powerful Golf Swing

Improve your impact and hit the ball more powerfully. By using this motion trainer, you can correct your turn and shoulder movement during your backswing. The restriction allows you to tilt your shoulder while giving the right feel of moving your weight into your heel and your wrist hinge. 

How often should I practice with Golfi-Plus+?

Constant practice and repetition will reinforce the familiar feeling of proper posture and alignment. This will help instill good muscle memory until it eventually becomes a habit and instinctively your basic position. The recommended practice ratio is 10:1 - this means that 10 rehearsal swings with Golfi-Plus+ with every ball hit. 

The best thing about Golfi-Plus+ is its portability. Practice your swings during warm-ups in the driveway, at home, in the office, or anywhere you want to practice. It’s a long-term training device suitable for golf players of all levels. 

Durable and high-quality materials for long term use 

Swing Pro Plus+ is designed for long-term use. Therefore, materials were highly considered. Made of fiberglass, polyurethane, and ABS material so it’s strong, durable, and lightweight. The body is cushioned with a polyurethane tube to prevent any friction during simulation practice. 


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