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Electric Fish Cat Toy Perfect for Biting, Chewing and Kicking, Moves by Itself

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  • 【Touch Activated】After turning on the switch, it's activated by just touching its tail, the tail will swing for a few seconds, then it will pause, it will swing again after touching it again. This helps save power. The movement of the dancing fish toy are not regular, it can keep cats interested in it.
  • 【Rechargeable flipping fish toy】No batteries to deal with. The charge will last about 1hours, and if it full energy the LED light will turned green. Included USB.
  • 【Catnip Toy】The package contains catnip. The moving fish has a small pouch for catnip, for all of you that have a cat that reacts to catnip. Suitable for kitten / kitty / cat / small dog. It is soft fabric that they can bite or kick
  • 【About Sound】This wiggling fish is not silent nor is it overwhelming, but there's definitely a mechanical sound. Place it on a soft surface to reduce the sound. If your cat has played a sound toy, it should get used to it.


Wiggle Fish

  •  After charging, it will wiggle its tail like a real fish, and it will fight your cat.
  • It can use up the cat's extra strength, to achieve the purpose of physical exercise.
  • It can interact with cats.



  • Mature printing technology to imitate every detail of fish.
  • Cats love fish, this is their nature, cats see, is a "real" fish.


Pillow/ Partner

  • Filled with soft, healthy cotton, the fish is comfortable enough to serve as a cat's pillow
  • Pets will also have their own familiar bedding, without which they will also suffer from insomnia. You can put it in the cat's nest.Make this fun toy its new partner.


Cat's Favorite Catnip

  • The package includes catnip
  • Catnip is a plant that calmes cats' moods, stimulates their appetites, and attracts their attention.
  • Add catnip to the new toy to give your cat a great first impression.(don't worry about cats not liking this electric fish.)