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Coccyx And Sciatica Pain Relief Cushion Seat - 75%OFF

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Best cushion seat for long period sitting

The main cause of discomfort in the back, hips and tailbone is sitting for long periods of time. Without proper cushioning, discomfort turns into chronic pain. The Pain Relief Cushion Seat is the perfect orthopedic accessory that can relieve your back and ease the pain.

The coccyx and sciatica cushion was designed to help with:

  • Tailbone pressure and pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Preventing hemorrhoids
  • Poor posture
  • Coccyx pain
  • Preventing unwanted bottom sweats
  • Stiff back

How does it work?

When using the coccyx and sciatica cushion the tailbone does not reach a stiff area, but on the premium cushion which also gives a boost to the spine, restoring the natural posture. Thus not putting pressure at all on the lumbar zone and coccyx.


Our Best Cushion Seat For No More Pain While Sitting!

Cushion is a perfect firm yet soothing pillow that will give you relief from pain caused by sitting all the time.

This seat cushion is made of high quality cotton that relieves pressure on your tailbone, sciatic nerve, lumbar spine and lower back.

It is comfortable and easy to use, and unlike other seat cushions, this premium cushion promotes healthy posture, blood circulation and spinal alignment so you can better focus on your tasks.


Relieves Pain and Discomfort: The chair cushion has a large fan-shaped waist protector that can keep your waist warm. The fan-shaped waist protectors on both sides not only make your waist and spine well supported and wrapped when sitting in the chair, but also protect your waist from freezing in the cold autumn and winter season, and effectively prevent your waist and spine from getting cold.

Available on Both Sides: The cushion can be used on both sides, which is lightweight and soft and keep you comfortable.

Comfortable non-slip chair back cushion: In accordance with the dimension design of the human body, it has a non-slip bottom and strap design to keep it in place. Safe and reliable.

Premium Quality: It uses high-grade crystal velvet material and PP fabrics, it protects your spine and bottoms from catching a cold in winter. Soft and fluffy, it will not deform over time.

Medical cushion seat

Widely Usage: Whether it is placed on the seats of the dining room, study, bedroom, and office, or on the ground, bed, and car, the cashmere cushion can warm the whole heart. It adopts the foldable routing design, which can be folded and stored when not in use, saving space. 


  • Size:45 x 45 cm
  • Material: PP + Crystal Velvet

Package Iist:

  • 1 x Seat Cushion

Customer Reviews

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I work from home so I’m sitting 7 hours a day. Typically by mid-day my tailbone is in pain. But after using this cushion It really gives great support. Honestly!


The seat is very comfortable and allows me to sit for hours without back pain. The seat retains its shape and stays put in the chair. It is not too big or too small. Would buy again.


So much support and comfort.


Lovely quality, perfect for my mobility scooter.


This seat retains its shape and stays put in the chair. It is very comfortable and allows me to sit for hours without back pain. It is not too big or too small.