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Dental Calculus Remover

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Maintaining healthy teeth doesn't have to be taxing and expensive. Simple brushing three times a day, sometimes isn't enough... Without proper cleaning you can have bad breath or worse, tooth decay!

Don't worry! This Dental Calculus Remover for teeth got you covered! 

Scrubs Off Stubborn Stains In Minutes

Win the war against bad breath and tooth stains! With it's 5 active cleaning modes and powerful hi-frequency vibrations you can remove stubborn plaque, tooth stains, tartar, and dental calculus in an instant!

Why use Dental Calculus Remover

  • Painless and safe to use
  • Maintain bright and whiter smile
  • Prevents gum disease & cavities
  • Reach even the tight places



Try the tooth scraper at first on low setting, so you could get used to the sensation. Then slowly increase the intensity to find the best level for you.

Go back and forth in a tiny area for a few passes with little or no pressing the dental plaque remover.


Easy Cleaning                                       5 Cleaning Modes

Without proper cleaning you can                             Up to 12.000 vibrations per minutes!    have bad breath or worse, tooth decay!                Such a high frequency ensures your This tool is anyone looking to take better                teeth are cleaned properly. No need  care of their teeth in between cleanings.                 for expensive dentist visits.                Remove teeth stains, tartar, plaque,                                                                                  and dental calculus!


IPX6 Waterproof                                 USB Rechargable

Once your done using the tool,                              You can use this electric Dental  simply rince it with water and soak                        Plaque Remover for up to 6 weeks in the scaler with desinfective.                               a single charge! Protect your teeth                                                                                         anywhere and anytime!

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Package Includes

  • Dental Calculus Remover + Box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

It's my friend told me this kind of toothpick. I searched it, found it's not expensive and bought one. Dental scaler really helpful over my thought. It can clean my tooth at each time in any place, and works better than dental floss. Handiness and easy to use.


I smoke drink my coffee & tea black. I am terrified of the dentist. The stains on my teeth were so bad I covered my mouth when I smiled, I was becoming very self conscious. In the comfort of my home and completely pain free I have New Bright attractive teeth. It would have taken a dentist 2-3 very painful visits and $ hundreds of dollars for the work this little pink dental angel does. I worked a few minutes each morning in my husbands magnifying shaving mirror. Easy Peasy. Saw results from the first cleaning.


Nice product, thanks to the seller. Product arrived on time!Highly recommended!


This product is amazing used tonight for first time and I can see a major difference no more yellow stained teeth.


Worked great and probably saved me a trip for a cleaning to the dentist. Now I know this is not the answer to end all with visiting the dentist but it at least helps you further maintain clean teach if there is any tarter build up. Worth the money. Quality is very good, instructions have a little more to be desired since you can tell this is a Chinese product. But you get a good understanding of the basics in product use.