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Cat Carrier Backpack With Space Capsule Bubble

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Take Your Cat Wherever You Go In Style

Don’t want to leave your favorite furry bud? No worries, we’re here to help! Be with them not just at home, but anywhere you go.

The  Cat Carrier Transparent Bag allows you to take your cat with you wherever you go in the most comfortable fashion. It comes equipped with a bubble-like peaking window giving your cat an exciting look on the great outdoors, paired with adjustable straps and handles making the whole experience comfy for both you and your buddy.

Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack Breathable Astronaut Carrying Pet

 Provides Outdoor Interaction

This adorable backpack makes use of a “solution-centric” design allowing your cat to observe and enjoy the wonders of outdoor scenery. It has a fully transparent bubble shell giving them a visually immersive experience. Show your kitty the vividness of the outside world.

 100% Pet-Friendly

The Cat Carrier Transparent Bag comes equipped with a built-in interior leash along with ventilation mesh panels on both sides that provide maximum accessibility, breathability, and comfort your pets need as you take them with you outdoors. Perfectly suited for small cats.

Stylish Design

Turn heads, and feel great as you take them with you outdoors. It has a cute “capsule-like” design that will surely draw a smile on anyone who sees you and your pet.

 Comfort and Security Guaranteed

It packs a pair of adjustable shoulder straps, an inner leash, and a soft cushioned base providing you and your pets the comfort and security you both deserve. Stay comfortable even in prolonged use.

Suitable for cats up to 15 pounds.

Cat Carrier Transparent Backpack Dimensions:

Pet Carrier Transparent Backpack