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Snow Removal Brush - Extendable Ice Scraper for Car, SUV & Truck Windshield Ice Windows

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The Adjustable Snow Brush easily removes snow and ice from the windshield, hood, and top of your vehicle.

The extendable Snow Brush with an ice scraper and foam grip is the perfect solution for removing snow. It is durable enough to withstand any weather. Equipped with a rotating head that allows you to set the brush to an optimal position. The Automatic Snow Brush is easily removed snow and ice from the vehicle's windshield, top, and hood. The Snow Brush Scraper extends up to 39 ", so you can reach the furthest snow.


The Ice Scraper includes teeth. Use the teeth to break up the ice, then the putty knife to remove it. Ice is removable for faster and easier use. The Snow Scraper comes in 3 separate pieces: brush head with a foam head, snow scraper, and telescopic handle. Put the pieces together when you are going to use them and separate them for storage. The Vehicle Snow Scraper comes equipped with foam grips for a better feel and is light enough to move easily.


The brush features a flat ice scraper and icebreaker jaws. Use your jaws to break the ice, then use the scraper to remove it. The Ice Scraper is removable for faster and easier use. The double-sided head offers a squeegee blade in front of the brush head. The Ice Scraper is removable for faster and easier use. Each part of the Snow Brush is detachable so you can use it easier in specific situations. The removable parts also make the brush compact and very easy to store in your car, truck, or garage.

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  • Color: Blue, Orange, Black (Optional)
  • Material: ABS + PP + EVA Cotton
  • Product Size: About 25.6’ (Before Stretched), 31.5’ (After Stretched)
  • Weight: 360g
  • Packing List: 1 * Glass Ice Scraper